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Business is booming at bet365!

2017-09-25 12:28:00

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes at bet365 that often goes unnoticed! To get to the top of the game, where bet365 are, a lot of strategic business development takes place. In order to offer a sportsbook and an online casino that is revolutionary in terms of its operation and content, bet365 constantly need to develop. This is why bet365 have announced that they have purchased Riak, Basho’s distributed NoSQL database technology!

bet365 taking tech to the next level

bet365 are always looking to keep up with the latest trends, ensuring that they don’t get left behind their competitors while keeping their online site running smoothly. Riak has been used by bet365 for the past five years so they are no stranger to the tech used. bet365 uses one of the Riak components in its bet placement system, which it scales out horizontally, and all data issues are resolved by Riak.

Bash and bet365 have a lot of history

bet365 have been a big user of Basho for the past few years, so they know that their Riak product is top quality. Basho provides an enterprise version of the open source Riak product. Andrew Deane, who is bet365’s systems development manager for middleware, stated: “This is the first time I’ve experienced a large enterprise take on and support an open source product and its community.” However in recent time, Basho have had some financial difficulties, going into receivership. Due to Riak being a highly valuable asset for bet365, they decided to secure the rights to the product, which supports multi-datacentre replication. bet365 view the ongoing improvement of Riak as a community project and will make the enterprise version available as open source.

Riak community can expect development

The Riak community have a lot to be excited about as bet365 aim to improve the product. Deane also stated that: “We have not taken on support for existing customers, and we have no plans to sell the product. We hope there is no disruption for developers.” bet365 see Riak as an important technology for the online operator. If the product is allowed to develop it will improve the operation function of their website which will delight bet365 customers. He added: It is in all of our best interests that the platform remains stable and is allowed to evolve. The most effective way to do this is to make the entire source code available to the community.”

A lot of companies use Riak to store huge quantities of information, so bet365 is in good company. It is an essential technology for operating large-scale, data-driven businesses. bet365 will be asking the Riak community to collaborate on key decisions as it will benefit both parties, yielding the greatest results. Going forward, the future looks very bright for both Riak and bet365, who will be hoping that a developing business will attract more customers.

bet365 have a lot of customers who love how easy it is to use their site. bet365 will be hoping to keep developing so they will stay one of the best operators in the industry.

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