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Brand new look in store for Genting casino!

2017-07-19 10:48:22

Genting Casino is getting a makeover

The Genting Casino resort in Malaysia is already a very popular tourist resort in Asian, attracting many tourists from all across the globe. The 53-year-old resort has been very popular with visitors from South-east Asian nations for a long time but in recent years, people from many countries can be found at the Genting Casino resort. People used to need to climb the steep hills as high as 1830 metres above sea level in order to reach the Genting Casino resort on the mountaintop, but with the new Genting casino makeover, the resort will be easier to access for everyone.

Genting Casino will be getting Wild!

As part of the renovations at the Genting casino resort in Malaysia, there is going the be construction work going on that will see an incredible 20th Century Fox theme park introduced to the resort. The theme park will become the first Fox theme park in the world upon its expected completion and will open later this year. The Genting Casino resort in Malaysia is aiming to become an integrated resort which appeals to millennials and people from all walks of life. The 25-acre site will feature 25 thrill rides and attractions based on popular Fox films and franchises such as Rio, Ice Age, Life of Pi, Night at the Museum, X-men, Alien vs Predator and Titanic.