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Brand new games at Roxy Palace

2017-08-29 14:59:20

RoxyPalace know that one of the best was to keep their customers excited and regular visitors to the site is to periodically add new games to their already fantastic portfolio. Recently they have followed this wisdom and have a group of fresh new games for you to try out now!

Here are just some of the best new games that RoxyPalace have to offer:


With the all the hullabaloo (mostly negative) around the place about the Emoji Movie and how it captured the internet's attention there is no surprise that someone has gotten there first and made an Emoji-themed slot game. While the emoji movie itself was nothing but a derivative cash grab by studio executives in an attempt to stay “with it” this game feels cool and fresh in its operation. The use of emojis or emoticons as a theme is done very well and it really works in this medium.

The main reason that it works in this game is that it is fun and light to play and never once feels like it is trying to be something more than a quirky and fun slot game with a silly theme.

Overall the game is a great addition to Roxy Palace and will likely outlive it's movie counterpart, at least in the eyes of slots fans.