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Brand new exciting Coral casino app

2017-09-06 11:06:22

Innovation is top of the list at Coral casino

Coral are always on the look-out for creative features which will benefit their customers and make their online gaming experience more enjoyable. Their new “connect” app does exactly that. The new mobile app will complement Coral casino’s single wallet “Coral Connect” card. Mobile gamers will find that this new app gives way to a more pleasurable mobile gaming experience.

Stay on track with Coral casino

The newly launched app will include many beneficial features for Coral casino users. The app will offer users a “bet tracker” feature which will be useful. With the bet tracker feature, Coral casino players can now monitor any bets placed over the counter in Coral casino betting shops. By simply typing in the bet number on their receipt or by scanning the barcode on their slip, players can monitor their bets and keep an eye on how much cash they will have coming into their wallet.

Live stream all the action with the new Coral app!

The new “connect app” will be a mega hit with sports fans who love being in the thick of the action and drama. Another amazing additional feature of the new Coral casino, connect app, will enable users to live stream various sporting events which include football, tennis, horse racing and much more! Sports fans can also easily access their account balance whilst benefitting from various sports promotions and cash-out options.

Sports fans will be rushing to download the new connect app on their mobiles and football fans will find that all of their football needs will be met when they take a look through it. In addition to cash-out options and amazing promotion offers, Coral casino users will now be able to view game stats on certain football coupons. This means that there will be no scrambling for the TV remote to see if your team looks like scoring a goal, everything will be accessible in one place thanks to Coral casino!

It’s all action at Coral casino

The new connect app is just the latest addition to a long list of exciting features which Coral casino users can expect to enjoy. Recently, Coral casino expanded their partnership with Playtech which has led to Playtech deploying their proprietary software onto more than 450 existing tablet-based betting terminals across the Coral casino UK estate. This move has seen Coral casino customers enjoy their in-play experience, enabling a seamless multi-channel experience. Now Coral casino can boast that they deliver the best digital, retail offering around, providing an improved experience for their users.

Coral casino customers are being treated to new innovative features both online and in physical betting shops. Coral casino really know how to treat their sports fans! The new connect app looks set to be a major success for Coral casino and punters alike! Download the app and try it out for yourself!

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