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Big changes coming for Paddy Power!

2017-07-20 09:20:48

Amongst other things, Paddy Power have built up a reputation for liking to cause a bit of mischief. Fans of Paddy Power love this and is part of the reason why Paddy Power has become such a strong brand name. The social media guys over at Paddy Power are always providing creative and humorous content, which their followers adore. Some of the PR stunts that Paddy Power carry out are very brave and just recently Paddy Power erected a huge statue of British Prime Minister Theresa May on the coast of Britain, with her fingers depicting the EU to “flip off”.

Cunning Stunts

All of their marketing stunts seem to pay off as Paddy Power continuous to be always be at the top of the leader board in terms of popularity between all bookmakers in the market which has become increasingly competitive especially in online betting. However, Paddy Power might be worried that the huge headline making days could be about to come to an end, this is due to the Paddy Power advertising chief announcing lately that he is going to leave Paddy Power in order to set up his own creative business. Advertising chief – Ken Robertson was considered to be a key part of Paddy Power’s brand magic and Paddy Power are hoping his loss won’t lead to a decrease in popularity for the Irish bookies.

Vast Experience

Ken has been with Paddy Power for over 18 years, creating many different marketing strategies and plans which have been very successful. He now plans to set up a creative advertising business which targets social media. He learned a lot from Paddy Power and he hopes he can put his knowledge to good use in his new business venture. He stated that: “I will be taking a lot of my learnings from Paddy Power and looking to put them into practice, the intention is to produce high-quality creative advertising at quite a low cost.”

A Creative Loss

Mr Robertson will be remaining with Paddy Power for another six months and he was the first marketing professional recruited by Paddy Power. During his time with Paddy Power, he has been Head of Communications, Head of Branding at Sportsbet which is Paddy Power’s Australian subsidiary and head of “mischief”. Paddy Power will sorely miss Ken and his creative ideas and Paddy Power management commented: “Ken is a unique person and filling the void that he leaves will take a special talent, so I’m delighted that he will be around for quite some time to come, he will be sorely missed and closer to the time, we will take the opportunity to celebrate a quite brilliant career.”

Changes may be on the horizon with staff members leaving and new staff coming but for the time being, Paddy Power is the bookies of choice so check out the incredible odds now!

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