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Betfair hopes to come up Trumps with US Impeachment Pool

2017-05-24 09:45:32

The world’s largest internet betting exchange, Betfair, is no stranger to running betting pools in matters of important global politics. They are currently accepting bets on the UK general election and have recently closed shop on the brutal French election campaign between Marine Le Pen and Macron.
Recently they have turned their attention to the goings on in the Whitehouse. It is not often that a betting market stays open after an election but in the case of the Trump administration one question is still worth taking bets on, will President Trump be ousted from office.

Odds and Ends

As anyone who keeps an eye on the daily news from the Whitehouse and the tireless journalists who cover it will know every day comes with a whole new spate of allegations and scandals emanating from the Oval Office. In the course of a single week, Trump has fired the director of the FBI who was investigating his campaign, met with the Russian politicians that were embroiled in the scandal and admitted to giving them classified information about US military operations right in front of members of the Russian press. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that bookies are starting to offer odds on the republican president’s removal from office.