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Betfair declare Record Breaking Bets Placed on Women's Sports this Summer

2017-08-30 07:45:39

This summer has been nothing but great for the advancement and growth of women's sports around the world. As ever the events in the women's sporting calendar grew in popularity this year drawing in even bigger numbers of viewers than they ever have before.

So one can follow logically that there would be an increase in the amount of betting happening on those women's sporting events. But what is surprising is just how much the betting on Women's sporting events has gone up this summer. Betfair, one of Britain and Ireland's most popular sports betting companies have announced that this summer has broken the record for the most amount of betting on Women's Sports ever!

This can only be a good thing for Women's Sports when places like Betfair begin to see an upward trend in a sport they will latch on to that and promote it even more. This, of course, means the idea and the prestige of Women's Sports get pushed further into the public consciousness and more people will become interested in it. More interest in it means an increase in resources devoted to it which will further help the game develope and grow so that more women can play sport in better facilities and with higher stakes.

The record for the most bets placed on a Women's sporting event was broken earlier this summer when England faced off against India (and won) in the Women's Cricket World Cup Final. That saw a total of £40 million placed on the game.