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Betfair are showing great initiative with introduction of new market

2017-07-20 08:23:47

First to Cross the Finish Line

The final race of the Allianz World Championship took place in London this month. Betfair were one of only a few bookmakers who allowed drone racing fans to place bets on the tournament. Betfair, in partnership with the Drone Racing League, have announced a partnership to accept betting on drone racing. The Allianz World Championship featured pilots from all around the globe and was the UK’s first professional drone race. Professional drone racing looks set to take off as the Drone Racing League combines the excitement of auto racing and futuristic drone technology.

Betting on Drone Racing with Betfair

The Drone Racing League was first established in 2016 and during its first season, the competition attracted over 30 million viewers across the world. The league has also managed to record an impressive 43 million views of its digital content during the first season so there is a real market there for drone racing. Nicholas Horbaczewski, who is the CEO of the Drone Racing League is delighted that Betfair are getting on board and bringing betting markets freely available to the new sport’s fans. He commented: “Drone racing is a sport made for betting. The inclusion of betting will make it that much more exciting for our fans. We’re so excited to be able to bring this experience to drone racing with Betfair, a global leader in betting.”