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Betfair are Dedicated to Your Account Security

2017-10-02 08:32:51

Security is a big deal in the world of online gaming. That is because real money is being transferred between people and the platform and money is usually the reason for any attacks on an account that someone may commit.

In order to combat this, Betfair have put a lot of time and effort into the following checks and balances to make your online gaming experience all the more safe which means you don’t have to be worried about your money or info being at risk and can have the best experience on the site possible.

2-Step Authentication

Betfair's 2-Step Authentication reduces the chance of having your account compromised. That's because in an addition to your username and password Betfair will ask you to enter a one-time code, which will be sent to your phone via SMS or displayed by the Google Authenticator application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, either for every login or only for new devices depending on your settings.

This authentication scheme protects against a range of attacks and eliminates the risk of insecure/easily guessable passwords or shared password being leaked from other websites you use. When you have enabled Betfair's 2-Step Authentication, attackers not only have to know/guess your username and password but also guess an additional one-time password, which changes every 30 seconds. It is very difficult to perform this type of attack due to the computational complexity it carries. With two-step authentication, your Betfair account will have the best protection available.