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bet365 Plays Fair, A Look At Their Fair Gaming Policy

2017-12-29 13:15:00

Having a fair an honest system for every part of their online gaming platform is of utmost importance to bet365. They know that without a transparent and fair system that their customers would rightfully lose trust in them and seek their competitors so it makes perfect business sense for them to hold themselves up to very high standards in fairness and promote the best in fair gaming.

Here is a look at the different aspects of the platform and what they have to do to ensure that they have a fair and honest system for their customers.


bet365 ensure all the games are put through rigorous tests before releasing it for customers to access. In addition, each of the software suppliers who provide bet365 with games will conduct their own extensive testing including playing through the games millions of times before any game is made available on our website. bet365 Bingo use a sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) device that creates random outcomes for each game. Whatever the customer has bet on or the amount they have staked has no influence on the number the RNG arrives at. The Bingo RNG is accredited by SQS India that completed a range of tests to ensure the RNG is completely random.

Casino & Poker

Yet again the bet365 casino is using a highly sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) device.
The RNG used by their casino and poker software has been checked by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), an internationally recognised and respected Accredited Testing Facility. To provide full transparency, TST (who are part of GLI) independently audit all bets placed on the bet365 Casino site to give the percentage payout of the casino.