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Bet365 innovation showing again with creation of 60 jobs in Manchester

2017-07-04 13:15:36

Bet365 are showing their innovative spark once again with the announcement that they are creating another 60 jobs in Manchester. The Stoke-based company opened their Spring Gardens satellite office last spring and it was believed they would originally require 60 new staff members. Due to growing demand, another round of recruitment is set to begin and another 60 workers will be employed in Manchester.

Growth is key at Bet365

With this next stage of recruitment, Bet365 are planning on hiring staff at all levels, from project managers, tech leads, team leaders and both senior and junior developers, meaning that there will be opportunities for local people in Manchester who possess technology qualifications to gain employment with Bet365. The unique technical challenges being offered by Bet365 have enabled the gambling giant to attract some of the top talents in Manchester. Bet365 boast that there are very few other employment opportunities in the area where employees can feel as stretched and challenged. This is an excellent chance for people in Manchester to work for a company which has been growing rapidly during the last decade and looks continue to do so.

Anyone in Manchester who possesses the relevant technology skills that Bet365 are seeking and is looking for an exciting and vibrant working environment is sure to thrive with this leader in the world of online gambling which has been growing rapidly over the past decade. At the present time, Bet365 currently has five teams which provide software testing and development across the areas of customer account management, trading, gaming and sports. The Bet365 team is already large as they are currently viewed as one of the leaders in the industry of online gambling, especially their very popular sportsbook where you can find the best odds available in the market.

This latest employment news doesn’t look like being the end of the growth for the time being either, over the course of the rest of this year, Bet365 plan to extend their gaming, sports, customer account management and trading teams and to look at the potential for middleware and mobile expansions. Bet365 are also planning on continuing on their development work in the city, allowing developers to train in a range of new technologies such as the Go, Elixir and Erlang programming languages.

Bet365 benefiting from Manchester’s talent

Manchester is providing lots of talent for Bet365 as the city has turned out to be home to many high calibre developers who have enabled Bet365 to raise the bar and keep it high. Thanks to the skilled local talent, their new office has already turned out successful as the team have established working relationships with the rest of the Bet365 team. This has enabled Bet365 to successfully deliver some significant new initiatives, including their brand new HTML5 website.

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