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Become a VIP player at NextCasino

2018-03-25 15:00:00

Joining VIP is extremely easy and altogether great value, the value and privileges only increase as you advance through the various levels of VIP in the VIP hierarchy by gaining reward points. Reward points are earned by simply playing the games that Next Casino have to offer. Not only do these reward points add to your VIP level but they can also be converted at any time to actual cash, just like that.

There are seven levels of VIP excellence to be achieved as you climb the ladder to the very top. These levels are: New Member, Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, Gold VIP, Platinum VIP, Premium VIP, and Prestige VIP and each of them offers great rewards and extra privileges for your account to avail of.

New Members

This level is where you start your ascent up the illustrious VIP ladder. When you join you will be given a Welcome offer and automatically qualify for the Fast Cash Out Process which means you can withdraw money from your winnings much faster than before. They will also give New Member VIPs a Birthday Bonus to brighten up your birthday once a year.

Bronze VIP

At this, the second level of VIP excellence the rewards begin to pile in. AS well as all the previous awards you also get 25 free games, 5 extra free games in Sundays and access to the VIP live tournaments that were previously locked for you. The most amazing thing is that you only need a total of 10 VIP points to reach this level.

Silver VIP

When you get 60 points you will advance to the Silver VIP level which doubles the amount of free games you get from 25 to 50 and from 5 on a Sunday to 10.

Gold VIP

As you move up to the level of Gold VIP you will get a 50% extra bonus in your welcome package and be able to play 20 free games on Free Play Sunday as well as all of the previous rewards you have unlocked thus far.

Platinum VIP

At the platinum level, the rewards go through the roof! In your welcome package you get a $50 bonus on Day 1, Bonuses on all deposits on Day 2, and an exclusive cashback offer on Day 3. As well as this you are privy to express cash out (even faster), higher deposit and cash-out limits, monthly cashout and most cool of all a personal account manager to whom you can field all of your questions and issues and who will have you as their priority.

Premium VIP

The Premium VIP level’s welcome package contains the $50 bonus as before on Day 1, on Day 2 you receive upgraded bonuses on all deposits and on day 3 you get a personalised offer from your account manager. The biggest bonus of this level is that your Monthly Cash Back doubles completely from the previous level. This level is so exclusive that it is not attainable through points but rather personal invitation from the site for its best players.

Prestige VIP

Again this level is not achievable by the common player, this is for the members who are the cream of the crop in every way. They get triple the Monthly Cash Back offer but most importantly they have the biggest bragging rights on the site. These lucky few get to be part of the most illustrious and most exclusive group on Next Casino.

Will you join them?

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