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Apps the way to do it at mFortune

2017-08-28 13:36:08

We in the modern world seem to love apps, there are apps for pretty much everything these days, if you want to see how much you earn during a bathroom break at work, there’s an app for that, if you want to notarize and rate all the public toilets you’ve used there’s an app for that too. Not all of them are toilet related of course, but it just goes to prove the point that apps have perforated our whole experience.

With that in mind, it really is no surprise that mFortune have gotten into the app game with such vigour and enthusiasm. They have, you see, developed a huge range of apps that span a surprisingly large amount of their library which means each one is varied and different. But the one thing that they all carry in common is that level of quality that one can safely expect from the mFortune team.

iPhone Apps

iPhones are as much fashion statements as they are smartphones these days so it is important that mFortune deliver a deluxe and fun experience to each user. mFortune had this to promise as their guarantee of quality with their iPhone apps.
“Through developing apps for all of our games, and in some cases having exclusive app only games, mFortune have created unique and tailored gaming experiences that are more user-friendly for our players when using their mobile or tablet devices.

“Our players are at the heart of everything that we do, and unlike other online casinos who only provide generic desktop games mFortune strive to develop the very best online casino and bingo apps for you to enjoy.”

Android Apps

Despite what many believe, Android now controls the larger market share of the smartphone market. This is mostly due to the sheer diversity of products they provide which is sometimes a problem for app makers who are working to develop for a huge amount of differing hardware at once. mFortune, however, have to make sure that your Android device will be able to play their games with ease.

And to mirror this diversity mFortune say this about their Android apps:
“There are slots in a variety of themes, from funny to historical, and retro to tongue-in-cheek. There really is something to suit everyone's taste.
Slot themes include the great Gold Rush, Alien Invasion, Prehistoric Man, Witches, Cops and Robbers and even Fast Food. BB, the bubbly bingo mascot, is a character completely of mFortune's own creation and a much-loved element of mFortune bingo.”

The Google Play store doesn't allow for gambling apps so here is how you download the best of mFortune’s games.

  • When you load up a game that you want to play on your mobile insert your phone number into the box provided and then tap/click on 'Send this game to mobile’.
  • This will then send the game to your phone and it will be downloaded automatically and installed. All you able to do is wait and then you will be able to play the game for free in demo mode for as long as you want.

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