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A little bit about Unibet

2018-04-28 14:00:00

Although the graphics, sounds and experience overall were clunky and basic at best, they were still cutting edge at the time with many casino fans enjoying their favourite games from home, probably on some sort of Packard Bell desktop PC with 8mb of RAM. Despite these huge jumps, there were still a lot of casino purists who branded online casinos as a fad that wouldn’t be able to match the thrill of real life. Fast forward 20 years however and online gambling demands to be taken seriously.

The Emerald Isle

After Ireland decided to make online gambling available, people were already actively placing lots bets on a daily basis; spending almost €14 million in betting shops and gambling halls to be precise. The uptake in online gaming has been no shock thanks to this pre-existing love of gambling, keeping in line with the UK and the rest of Europe when it comes to having a punt online. It is now estimated that 2% of Ireland's adults gamble online, a figure which has grown year on year since 2015.

Gambling companies appear to have taken heed of these figures and the biggest players have all formulated strategies to expand in Ireland, ready to capitalise on an already established physical market that boasts high numbers of bingo players, horse racing fans and casino visitors.

Top of the Class

Unibet is widely regarded as one of the best online casinos, its success is a very good barometer for the online gaming industry. The growth from startup to a globally successful organisation just goes to show how much money customers are willing to spend on online gambling, bringing it from a hobby to a daily obsession.

An ever-growing market

The good news for gamblers in Ireland is that the experiences will only get better as time progresses. Online gaming companies are earning a lot of money at the moment and are always looking for the next big draw, meaning better games, investing in cutting edge technology and incredible offers to generate more customers. Game changers like Live Casino and VR gaming are also helping online gambling companies to reach new audiences, meaning better customer experiences as the technology improves. The other big benefit is that you don’t have to get dressed up and head out to the casino to enjoy a few games. Anyone with a computer, tablet or smart device and an internet connection can get started, saving the hassle of expensive drinks or casino overheads that you end up paying for in the real world. In the meantime, why would you not make a few euros without having to leave the house playing online poker, roulette or blackjack?

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