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A chatbot.... and his name is Paddy Power!

2017-06-01 13:59:42

Chatbots have been on the rise for numerous years. In essence, a chatbot is a computer program that conducts a conversation with people. Paddy Power may be the first within the gambling industry to introduce chatbots, but the company is only leading the way within its industry. Fashion companies have been experimenting with the technology for numerous years and have managed to successfully automate customer service.

Hello Computer, can you help me?

There are many ways in which chatbots can be useful to customers. When it comes to fashion, chatbots can take orders, initiate returns or provide advice. To get chatting to Paddy Power's chatbot, customers need to be on Facebook (and who isn't these days?!).

Once they are connected to Facebook, they can open messenger and compose a message to the Paddy Power chatbot. Customers can check their balances, they can place wagers and even receive personalised sporting updates.

“Nearly all of Paddy Power’s customers are on Facebook, and now they can actually place a bet through the Facebook Messenger app with ease. Our customers will be able to request odds and receive push notifications tailored to their own betting interests, plus enjoy a daily serving of Paddy Power mischief and entertainment," commented Michael Healy, Product Director at Paddy Power.