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888 Casino on Twitter

2017-07-19 10:58:19

It is an absolutely undeniable fact that these days a strong presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is more important to the promotion and expansion of a company’s brand than ever. Everyone who’s anyone in the business world has a social media account that stays current and with it in its approach to marketing online.

Keeping in Touch

In the world of online gaming, this connection to the realm of social media and its platforms is one of the most important parts of the given site’s strategy for marketing and customer relations. It is clear then from their actions and social media presence that the folks over at 888 Casino are well aware of this fact and are dedicated to making sure that they are not being left behind in the social media revolution that is happening before our eyes.

That is why they have taken Twitter as a social media platform in a major way and have built up a following that is not to be sniffed at to whom they can advertise to, inform and talk to in the fastest and most accessible medium of communication we have ever had.


Twitter is by far the social media platform of choice for the majority of online gaming companies and other non-gaming companies. It’s snappy 140 character limits and sleek design coupled with its overall popularity and ubiquity make it the perfect platform on which a business can set out its stall.

888 Casino takes full advantage of the platform by very frequently “retweeting” other users who mention them. This is especially effective when the other users are websites or blogs that are reviewing a certain aspect of the site or are praising them as both sides of this deal win. 888 Casino are being more engaging with their followers and the tweets they retweet get a whole new audience when they pop up in the 888 Casino follower’s newsfeed.

888 Casino have even retweeted our own twitter account (@gamingrvltn, feel free to give us a follow and know when we tweet) on occasion when we have mentioned them in a tweet about one of our articles.

Overall it is safe to say that 888 Casino has just the right approach to their twitter account, they inform their followers by providing them with interesting news articles, details, reviews but they do not aim to spam your news feed with anything unnecessary or annoying. They know that moderation and engagement are the names of the game and that a social media presence is only as strong as the accounts that are part of it.

If you want to give 888 Casino a follow then go ahead and do so, you can find them by searching their handle (@888Casino) and clicking on the follow button. This will put you in league with their respectable 11.8K follower tally and help you keep up to date on all things 888 Casino.

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