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59-Year-Old Woman Wins €3 Million on €3 Wager at Casumo!

2017-11-08 09:24:58

Casumo has been one of the best online gaming sites in recent years for proving big jackpots to their devoted players and casual gamers alike. Some people may think that an online casino would rather you didn’t win big on your favourite slot games, especially on low wagers. However, it is a source of great pride to them that they are able to so positively affect the lives of some of their most loyal players who have helped to turn them into a force on the online gaming scene and without whom they would never have made it this far. It also provides them with great PR opportunities and therefore helps them to grow their brand as everyone loves a good jackpot story.

Jackpot stories don’t really come any sweeter than this. This time, soon to be 60-year-old Susan, hit the big time when she won €3 million in Mega Fortune Dreams! With this win, the total value of jackpots won at Casumo this year exceeds a whopping 10 million euro.

When the screen started blinking, Susan was in shock and couldn’t believe her eyes.
“It’s so unreal. I mean, these things just don’t happen to people like us”, she said. Her partner was worried something serious had happened to her when she called him in some sort of mixed panic/shock/euphoria mode. He was just as shocked as her and kept saying over and over again that “this thing can’t be real”. To be fair, that’s probably quite a normal reaction from a newly hatched millionaire.

In fact, it wasn’t until Casumo called her up to congratulate on this massive jackpot win that they both, slowly but surely, started to realise what had happened. Susan, who is turning 60 this year, is living in a small village. She recently retired from her job at the local council where she was taking care of the elderly for 26 years, making sure they were okay. She likes dogs and crafts, and just like many others, she is dreaming about a bigger home.