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32Red - What games are at this casino?

2017-05-23 10:22:05

They have a reputation for delivering a fun and safe environment for all players and having a great selection of attractive and engaging games.

Slot Games

The bread and butter of most gaming sites are their slot games, they’re accessible for all players, from the part-time players to the die-hard old pros. Another advantage of slot games for gaming sites is their potential for customizability and brand deals so you can make games based off of people’s favourite intellectual properties. This latter point is something that 32Red have clearly taken to heart with a selection of themed slots that do their source material proud.

Jurassic Park Slots

The 1993 Spielberg dinosaur blockbuster gets re-awoken in this frightfully fun slot game. But 32Red didn’t need Jeff Goldblum or any preserved amber to re-introduce this classic, they used great design and playability instead. The game works like most other slots but the recognisable aesthetic and little twists and turns keep the game feeling fresh and comfortable as well as fun.