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100,000 Ways To Win With Paddy Power’s Midas Millions

2017-09-25 13:26:00

About Midas Millions

Midas Millions is a 5-reel game with the reels in a honeycomb structure. This game does not have any win lines and instead pays out based on groups of symbols being next to each other. This creates a very large variety of wins.

Become A Midas Millionaire

It is possible to win £1,000,000 in one spin on this game by playing the maximum stake and getting a group of 12 or more of any one of the 5 picture symbols and having one or more gold wild symbols which double the win.

Wild Symbols

Midas Millions features connecting wilds (which turns symbols between them to wild) and a Super Wild symbol (which turns some of the symbols around it to wild). Both of these will also pay x2 normal wins when King Midas turns the symbols to gold wilds.

Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol (except the free spins symbol). They can only substitute for one symbol and be used in one win - they cannot be used in two different groups. When there is more than one symbol that the wild could substitute for to make a win then it will be used for the win that makes the highest payout. If two different groups make the same payout then it will be used for the symbol that is higher up the pay table.

Super Wilds

It is only possible to get a Super Wild on the middle reel. It is not possible to get a Super Wild on a spin with any other wilds. If a Super Wild symbol appears on the middle reel then Midas will touch and change up to 6 of the symbols around this to make them gold wilds. If there are 3 free spin symbols on the reel then the free spin bonus will be triggered (This is started after any wild symbols have been changed and the groups have been calculated and winnings for those paid out).

Free Spins

Midas Millions features free spins which have Locked Wilds where more and more symbols can get locked as wilds and stay there for the remaining free spins and so can make bigger and bigger wins as free spins goes on.

If Free Spin scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5, then the free spin bonus will start. Press the START button to begin free spins. You will always get 10 free spins and the winnings in these are based on using the same stake that had last been used in the normal game. Free spins uses a different set of reel bands and with these it is not possible to trigger free spins or get connecting wilds or the Super Wild.

Locked Wild

After each free spin King Midas will randomly select 0, 1 or 2 symbols to change to a locked wild. These symbols will then stay as a wild symbol for the remaining free spins and so help to form wins. These Locked Wild symbols cannot turn to gold and so do not pay x2 at all. At the end of the free spins then you are shown a summary of your total winnings in free spins. If these are less than 10 times your stake then King Midas will award you an extra mystery prize to add to those winnings, this could be up to 20 times your stake.

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