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The Codfather from NextGen Gaming: Slot Review - something fishy is going down by the docks...

Do what the Codfather tells you to do or you might just end up with a seahorse head beside you!

This NextGen Gaming slot features a very unique theme as it is clearly inspired by the classic mobster movie “The Godfather” but with a twist as it is set deep underwater! All of the hard-nosed mafia characters have been replaced by humorous anthropomorphic fish creatures. For example, the famous horse head seen in the movie is now a seahorse head and fishy gangsters include Jimmy Flathead and Eddie the Eel. It’s an excellent comedic take on the gangster genre but is it any good in terms of features and gameplay? Let’s make a splash and swim with these slippery stooges to find out!

The Codfather is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines that includes Free Games, Multipliers, and a Big Boss Bonus feature.

The Codfather Screenshot