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Buster Ghost from mFortune: Slot Review - a ghoulish good time!

Visit a haunted mansion on a hill and accompany Buster as he goes about capturing some ghouls and ghosts.

Remember, we reviewed Buster Safe a while back? Well Buster Ghost is a direct sequel to this game and it is all change for Buster as he has had a change of heart about robbing banks and has taken up capturing ghosts instead! Accompany Buster as he makes his way inside a scary mansion that will send chills down your spine as trespassers are warned they will be possessed upon entering the place! This game is exclusively available to play at mFortune.

Buster Ghost is a 5 reel slot game with 15 paylines and comes with Free Spins, a Progressive Jackpot and 3 mini-games: Psychic Shock Shack, Possession Session, and Scare Stairs.

Buster Ghost Screenshot

Special Features

The first feature worth highlighting is the Wild symbol and this is depicted by a pink ghost. Like most Wild symbols, it substitutes for all symbols except the Mini-Games and Free Spins symbols. This symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game as if you land 5 of these symbols then you will be treated to a fantastic 2,000X your bet! Another nice feature of the Wild symbol is that if you land any combination of this symbol along with the Jackpot symbol that totals 5 symbols then you will receive a whopping 300x payout.

The game also features a Free Spins game. To trigger this feature, you need to land 3 Free Spins symbols anywhere across the reels. The Free Spins symbol is illustrated by a glowing green ghost. Needless to say, the more Free Spins symbols you land then the more Free Spins you will be awarded. So if you are lucky enough to land 5 Free Spins symbols then you will be awarded 9 Free Spins.

Buster Ghost features 3 fantastic mini-games. To trigger these games, you need to land 2 or more Mini-Games symbols on an active payline. The Mini-Games symbol is represented by a bunch of tarot cards. The more Mini-Games symbols you land, the higher the multipliers become in the mini-games.

The first mini-game is Psychic Shock Shack and involves flipping cards and matching them to win a nice multiplier prize. Choose your cards wisely as if the cards don’t match up then you will receive an electric shock for your troubles! A nice thing about this mini-game as it does not end if you don’t pick the correct pair, so you can keep on playing until you get a match.

The second mini-game is called Possession Session and is a click-me type game that involves choosing from 6 floating items inside a haunted room. Buster will scan an item when you click on it and if it is ghoul-free then you will a nice multiplier prize but if it contains a ghost then the mini-game will end. If you manage to avoid the ghost each time then you’ll receive a nice haul of 5 multipliers!

The last mini-game is Scare Stairs. In this game, you will find Buster at the top of some stairs facing a wall that contains 6 portraits. It is up to you to find 2 or more purple Henry Hoover style symbols in order to creep down the stairs. Each spin offers the chance to win a nice multiplier prize but be careful as if you encounter a spooky ghost then the mini-game will end. However, if you make it down to the end of the stairs then you’ll pocket a massive 80X payout!

Theme, Graphics and Sound

Buster Ghost features some amazing graphics as the game is set outside a haunted mansion high up on a hill complete with creaky gates, long winding roads and an eerily pinkish night sky. Symbols consist of a ghoulish selection of ghosts, a trike, a burger, and of course Buster himself. The animations are excellent, in particular when you trigger the mini-games as each game takes place inside a different part of the haunted mansion and really adds a whole new feel to the game.

The music has a real spooky vibe as you would expect and it ties in with the theme of the game superbly.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

The game has 15 paylines, an extremely low RTP of 90.15%, a maximum payout of 2,000X, and a lucrative progressive jackpot.

Below is a summary taken from the PayOut Table from the game. The amount won for each combination depends on the value of the bet when you spin the reels.

Bet Per Line: 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08, 0.09, 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 0.90, 1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1,60, 1.80, 2.00, 2.20, 2.40, 2.60, 2.80, 3.00, 3.20, 3.40, 3.60, 3.80, 4.00, 4.20, 4.40, 4.60, 4.80, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 20.00

  • Pink Ghost Wild Symbol: 15 for 2X, 100 for 3X, 500 for 4X, 2,000 for 5X
  • Knight Helmet Jackpot Symbol: 12 for 2X, 55 for 3X, 200 for 4X, Jackpot for 5X
  • Trike Symbol: 10 for 2X, 50 for 3X, 150 for 4X, 500 for 5X
  • Burger Symbol: 7 for 2X, 45 for 3X, 100 for 4X, 300 for 5X
  • Buster A Symbol: 40 for 3X, 85 for 4X, 250 for 5X
  • Blue Ghost K Symbol: 35 for 3X, 75 for 4X, 200 for 5X
  • Girl with Glasses Q Symbol: 30 for 3X, 65 for 4X, 150 for 5X
  • Green Ghost J Symbol: 25 for 3X, 50 for 4X, 100 for 5X
  • 10 Symbol: 20 for 3X, 45 for 4X, 70 for 5X
  • 9 Symbol: 15 for 3X, 35 for 4X, 55 for 5X

Our Verdict on Buster Ghost

Buster Ghost is created by mFortune and it’s a really enjoyable slot to play. The game is filled with an abundance of great features, most notably the fantastic 3 mini-games. I was able to trigger the mini-games on more than one occasion while playing this slot and the Possession Session game can lead to some massive multiplier wins once you avoid the spooky ghost of course! The slot also features a lucrative progressive jackpot so there is something here for everyone to enjoy when you play this ghoultastic game.

Capture some ghouls for a hefty payout in Buster Ghost!