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Bonus Keno from NetEnt: Slot Review - the profitable numbers game

GamingRevolution tested a Keno game, namely Bonus Keno by NetEnt. This numbers game is somehow different. The online game comes with a progressive jackpot, which can be much more profitable than jackpots in slot games.

Bonus Keno by NetEnt is a great game for those players that love the classic numbers game. As the name indicates, this one is special, though, and as such, creates great gaming experience, even for those that aren’t into keno.

Bonus Keno Screenshot

Special Features

It’s true, the chances of hitting the progressive jackpot are much greater in this online game than in most other games. The progressive jackpot in Bonus Keno starts at 10,000.00. That is rather generous and it builds up progressively with every wager the online game sees. Once a player makes a selection, a paytable pops up. This paytable tells you how many matches you need to win. It will also inform players of the size of the prize. These prizes, with exception of the jackpot, are proportions of your stake.

One of the really great features in the game is a bonus round, which doubles a player’s prizes. The word ‘bonus’ is written above each and every letter, just to make sure that you aren’t missing out on realising that your prizes are now subject to the bonus.

Considering this, it is fair to say that this keno game caters for both high rollers and risk-averse players. The jackpot can technically be won with a 1.00 stake, while the bonus feature, and main game, only become truly profitable if a player spends a little more.

Theme, Graphics and Sound

Upon starting the game, most players will find what they expect of such a classic game. The graphics are more 80ies than state-of-the-art and the sound effects scream nerd.

Old-school, it continues. As in any other keno game, a player picks from the 80 numbers present and if they are a hit, a player wins. While this may sound little exciting, it may be worthwhile mentioning that this online Keno game comes with a progressive jackpot and that jackpot is much easier to hit than those in progressive jackpot slots.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

Yes, a 1.00 stake can get a player 10,000.00. The maximum stake is 5.00. Given that these are fairly high stakes, most players would tend to bet lower and prolong the game instead. However, the argument for the higher bet is also convincing. Of course, the jackpot starts, and I really mean, just starts at 50,000.00. The difference is gigantic, but it is equally large if a player loses. The online game, due to its interactive nature, which requires players to pick numbers, is quite exciting and just the right choice for those players that are a little superstitious and love betting with their relatives’ dates of birth and their dogs’ ages.

Our Verdict on Bonus Keno

Bonus Keno by NetEnt is a superb game. Even if number games aren't your type of game, this one is different. Winnings keep coming, and a player will always feel the thrill that comes with a jackpot looming. This jackpot can also reach quite the heights. It's always advisable to check where the jackpot currently stands prior to entering your stake. However, with the minimum already high, only the very spoilt player could possibly end up disappointed.