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Blood Suckers from NetEnt: Slot Review - blood lust, anyone?

GamingRevolution tested NetEnt's slot game Blood Suckers. The online slot that has been on the market since 2009 impresses with its great free spins feature and other bonus games.

While Blood Suckers makes a super first impression, beware. The dimly-lit hall as background, set against dark reels, can be a little tiring on the eyes. This, however, can be easily avoided by changing your screen resolution and letting some natural light in. That may even help you destroy the vampires you are bound to encounter in Blood Suckers.

Blood Suckers Screenshot

Special Features

The slot game has been going strong, even gaining in popularity, since its release in 2009. This does not come as a surprise. One of Blood Suckers many highlights, alongside free spins and wilds, is the bonus game, which jazzes up this otherwise standard slot game immensely.

The Wooden Stake symbol, which is rather bloody in this slot version, activates the Vampire Slaying bonus game. Players need to get a minimum of three of these symbols to be redirected to a screen depicting an ancient burial chamber, containing coffins. It’s the player’s objective to open the coffins and to slay the vampires they find inside with the wooden stake. For every destroyed vampire, a player receives a bonus prize and the game continues. If a player is unlucky and hits an empty coffin, the game ends and he goes right back to vampire hell. The great thing about this bonus game is that only three out of twelve coffins are empty, making it much more likely that a player will at least win a few bonus prizes. With great graphics, this bonus game is bound to entertain.

Best Welcome Bonus for Blood Suckers

Theme, Graphics and Sound

Blood Suckers is NetEnt’s vampire-themed slot machine. The first thing players notice when they open the 5-reel and 25-payline slot game are its outstanding graphics. Some of the symbols, especially the garlic, appears almost as if they had been painted by hand, and by a gifted artist. This, however, is what we have come to expect from NetEnt. As such, it isn’t much of a surprise to those more familiar with the software provider’s other online games.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

As with most NetEnt slot games, players can either risk very little or quite a lot in Blood Suckers. With an unusually high payout (98 %) this video slot is one of the games, where risking a little bit more, could be worth it. The free spins feature, with its 3x multiplier, adds further incentive to play Blood Suckers. It is this feature where the real money lies, though the bonus game is where all the fun takes place. Either way, you cannot lose with Blood Suckers. It simply is too interesting and entertaining.

Our Verdict on Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is great. The slot game has it all. Great graphics, good payouts and an interesting bonus game. It is so captivating that few casino players will resort to the autospin option. If that's the only criticism, then you know that you are on to a winner.