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All In Poker from PlayPearls: Game Review - withdraw at your peril!

For a fun poker game that is loosely based on 5-card stud poker, then check out this game!

Poker is one of the most famous card games on the planet and did you know that it has been around since the early 19th century? The game originated in America and can be found in real casinos as well as online casinos all across the world. This game is so popular that many variants of Poker exist right now so poker players are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right poker game to play. A popular variant that many players seem to enjoy playing is 5 card Stud Poker and this is what All In Poker is loosely based on.

The game is played with a 52 card deck and features a bonus side-bet option.

All In Poker Screenshot

Special Features

All In Poker is based on basic poker rules and is played with 3 player cards as well as 2 community cards. To play this game, first of all, you need to place some chips on the table. The chips are located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and range in value from as low as 1 all the way up to 100 a piece!

When you place a bet, you will fill up the circles marked ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’ with one chip at a time. There is also a bonus side-bet option called ‘3 Card Bonus’. Place chips here if you want to qualify for 3 Card Bonus payouts. It is worth highlighting that the 3 Card Bonus side-bet only pays out on the first 3 cards. Once you are satisfied with the chips you have placed on the table then press the ‘Deal’ button to begin the game.

When the game starts, you will receive 3 cards that are face-up and you are presented with 2 options: ‘Let It Ride’ or ‘Withdraw’. If you select ‘Withdraw’ then you will remove one of your chips on the table and another card will be added. By choosing ‘Let It Ride’, another card is added to the table with your current bet still intact. A round ends when there are 5 cards on the table. The cards are then compared to standard poker rankings and if you have a winning poker hand based on the payout table displayed in the game then you win. For example, if you have a Straight Flush then the payout is 100:1 but if your luck is in and you manage to land a Royal Flush then you will receive a massive payout worth 250:1!

If you have a particular liking for a certain bet then you will be pleased to know that it is possible to reuse it over and over. To do this, all you have to do is simply click on the ‘Rebet’ button after a round finishes. You can also remove the current bet at any time by just pressing the ‘Clear Bet’ button when a round has ended.

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The presentation of the game is a tad basic when you compare it to more modern poker games but this game is not too concerned with flashy graphics as it focuses on the action taking place on the table instead. The game is played on a classic green felt casino table with an embossed spade symbol. Beside the dealer’s chair, you will see a nice selection of colourful chips and the payout tables for the game are neatly displayed on the left and right sides of the casino table.

The only sounds you’ll hear in this game are announcements from the Live Dealer as he lets you know when to place bets and when a round has been won.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck and has an RTP ranging between 96% and 97%. The maximum payout is 250:1 when you have a Royal Flush.

Below is a summary taken from the PayOut Table from the game.

Chip Value: 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00

  • Royal Flush: 250:1
  • Straight Flush: 100:1
  • Four of a Kind: 40:1
  • Full House: 15:1
  • Flush: 9:1
  • Straight: 5:1
  • Three of a Kind: 3:1
  • Two Pair: 2:1
  • Tens or Better: 1:1

3 Card Bonus only pays on first 3 Cards:

  • Mini Royal: 100
  • Straight Flush: 50
  • Three of a Kind: 30
  • Straight: 6
  • Flush: 3
  • Pair: 1

Our Verdict on All In Poker

Renowned software developer PlayPearls produced this very fun poker game. It is very enjoyable to play and really easy to get into. Players who love to play classic casino games will really like this game as it is a nice alternative to more fast-paced games like Roulette or Blackjack. The 3 Card Bonus side-bet adds some excitement to the game coupled with the fact that you can win a 250:1 payout on one round, makes All In Poker one very interesting poker variant to play.

Ride your way to a massive payout in All In Poker!